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The Harri​s​ Ho​use Organization Fund

Please considering contributing to The Harris House today. Your c​contributions will go towards funding all of ou​r programs, services and activities as we strive to accomplish our mission of enriching and empowering others through out the Charleston Tri-County and

Bolivar Co.,MS areas.

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The Harri​s​ Ho​use Scholarship Fund

Your donation goes towards awarding two (2) deserving senior high school seniors with a $200 scholarship. The funds awarded can be used towards any school sponsored events, fees/dues only (i.e. senior dues,senior trip dues, ACT/SAT fees, college application fees, and/or any senior year related expense. Scholarships are currently only open to high school seniors at Northside High School in Shelby (Bolivar Co.) M.S.

Project P.E.L.T. "Graduate Giving" Campaign

Join our Project P.E.L.T. Graduate Giving campaign. Your donations will sponsor the participation of our Project PELT graduating seniors programs and events.

Sponsor Level

$25 Graduate Gift

Sponsor​ (1) student's Project P.E.L.T Experience

$50 Cum Laude Gift

Sponsor (2) students' Project P.E.L.T. Experience

$75 Magna Cum Laude Gift

Sponsor (3) students' Project P.E.L.T. Experience

$100 Summa Cum Laude Gift

Sponsor (4) students' Project P.E.L.T. Experience

Thank you for your donations and support for our Hurricane Harvey- Pay It Forward-School Supply Drive.

During Hurricane Harvey many families were devastated and left displaced from their homes and some children from their schools. Many homes were lost and schools were greatly affected. In September, we created our Pay It Forward Campaign to help as many students and teachers possible.  We raised over $400 through our GoFundMe Campaign and collected school supplies from individuals and participating partners.  As a result, we were able to donate over $600 worth of school supplies to Braeburn Elementary in Houston,Tx.